Release of BusinessCard2 Widget V. 1.1

Well. It’s there, finally. We have released BusinessCard2 web widget v. 1.1. It’s a long time in coming and I’d like to give a little public praise to Jereme Allen for his hard work. Before saying what it is, I’d like to describe why we did it. Late last year we started to look at making some modifications to the badges we provide people as a quick link back to their business card. However, were very keen on the idea that interpersonal communications are moving outside of the walled garden. A widget solution seemed a natural fix, but Flex was just in its infancy (which was o.k. because it bought us some time to work on pressing issues with the BusinessCard2 platform). We created the BusinessCard2 widget over the last 45 days to empower our users to move outside of our walled garden.

So what is it? It’s basically a tool that takes content, as our users publish it, converts it to flash, and acts as a dynamic means for people to look at that data virtually anywhere on the web. Since this is such an early version I can confirm that we’re looking at taking it to the next level, but we’re pleased that we have our foot in the door with something that users can implement on their websites (er, virtually any place they want it to go). When the content in BusinessCard2 is updated, the card updates no matter where it is residing.

Here’s an example of my widget… (please note that I did not load it into WordPress because they are slow to adopt Flash Widgets).


We’ll be working through the proper channels to allow users to extend their card widget. Until then, you can log into your account, click on “MyCards” and then click on “Card Widget” if you’d like to see how your card widget appears or if you’d like to code to publish your widget to other web sites.


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