New Card Technology Launched

We have launched the new BusinessCard2™ technology. It is a personal branding vehicle for mass positioning. What we’re trying to accomplish with this technology is a user controlled tool (in the form of the internet business card) that can extend beyond an single website.

This current launch only incorporates basic features. We wanted to ensure it is light enough to be practical and scale. Nevertheless, in the days and weeks to come we will be systematically adding in a ton of more features and benefits that we believe people will find very compelling.

At first blush we may appear to be a web gadget/widget. I think that dismisses the fact that most widgets are shallow. What we’ve built is a web container that is deep in integrated, and includes a delivery mechanism. Although social network websites are great (we too use them), we aspired to create a mechanism that can also operate outside of the social graph. We felt a calling card for the internet was the perfect way to frame what we’ve been working on since 2005.

I remember as a young boy, and programmer, the excitement I felt for IRC. Then again in 1999 with the concept of WebPlaces. Today I’m excited to see the beginning of my dreams come to fruition in BusinessCard2. Although we have much work to be done, we plan to release some very cool stuff over the next several months that will extend the capabilities of the cards.

On behalf of our team, thank you for all the supporters and contributors who have made this project possible.


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