Think Before You Tweet

Being cautious and controlled in your online dialogue is important.  My friend Dan Schawbel, founder of Personal Branding Magazine and Personal Branding Blog has done a great job of writing on this subject matter.  In short, assume what happens on the internet stays on the internet.  One little slip up can haunt you for years to come, so always think before submitting comments on websites.  It may just go down on your personal record.

I’ve been personally guilty of getting argumentative in a forum before, thinking it an act of inconsequential self-defense.  It came as a surprise in one instance when several hours after commenting one of my investors showed up at the office in a very poor (‘er angry) mood.  Turns out that after I had written the comments, the forum comments showed up in a search engine.  The investor stumbled across the forum and was worried about the permanency of the comments and how it could impact the business at a future date.  Needless to say I patched things over.  But, I did come away from that experience with a lesson: there is no such thing as “informal language” on the web.  Although the reason or intent may be pure and justified, you have no idea of how it may negatively impact you in the future.

I read an interesting article about some legal issues with tweets.  Now comments no longer just impact the way you are perceived, but could also create legal liability for you (or your business).  Again, think before you tweet.


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