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We’re working behind the scenes at BusinessCard2 on a delivery technology.  This internal effort basically started in 2008.  It helps people who have a BusinessCard2 with a “set-it & forget-it” delivery mechanism.  It’s sorta marketing, sorta advertising, but really, really simple (like push one button simple).  Basically we take your web business card and put it on other sites for you.

Anyway, back a number of months ago we needed a name.  We started with the term “identity broadcasting”, but didn’t like that because it was too ambiguous.  Then about seven weeks ago we decided on the term “PUSH”.  It was short and simple.  Basically we’d be pushing the cards out to various places on the web.

Then two days ago the whole conversation came up again when a couple of team members who didn’t have a vote on PUSH decided it needed to do a better job of saying what it is.  I didn’t want to use any terminology associated with the word advertising because I think it’s more than advertising.  However, I was outvoted by the team and we settled on the brand “adcast” yesterday (even though the two team members who didn’t like the term “PUSH” but wanted to use something about “advertising” were not present to vote, but we assumed they would like it because it had the term “ad” in it, signifying that it constituted some type of advertising).  Note: During that same meeting the term “CardCast” was suggested.

Well, we emailed the two other team members that we’d decided on using “AdCast”.  To our surprise, they didn’t like it.  Totally independently they emailed back with the suggestion of “CardCast”.  ‘Great!’ I thought.  Something we can all agree on.  So I send out an email saying it is official.    Well, not so quick…

All of a sudden a fraction was created for and against CardCast.  Emails were being slung to and fro with arguments for and against.  Here are some quotes from the email, just to give you context:

“Team. After much dialogue & debate, I’m making the recommendation that “push” becomes”CardCast”.  Randy/Gordy independently arrived as this name (as did we).  I’m personally convinced that there will be some level of explanation that will have to occur regardless of the name.  I think CardCast is verby enough to differentiate this as something special/different/beyond merely having a card.  I think there are legitimate concerns about being categorized purely as advertising.  Lastly, the trademark activity around the term “AdCast” is questionable enough that we might have difficulties in securing protection.  From my research we have complete freedom to operate with CardCast.  Unless there are any major objections, I think we should commit to this trademark and move on…Lief”


“Hello all, here are my thoughts: The original argument against “Push” that really resonated with me was the education we would have to do for our users for them to understand exactly what this was, and was there a better name that would help a new user better grasp what “Push” was? I’m not sure that “CardCast” does this much better…..we’ve replaced “Push” (a synonym for “advertise”) with “cast” (to throw off/out). In the context of our website, and in appearances outside of our website: ‘BusinessCard2 CardCast’,  I still like AdCast better….not repeating ‘card’ twice would be nice there….’BusinessCard2 AdCast.’ Also, after our conversation about it yesterday, I warmed up with using ‘Ad’ because we moved away from some of the negative connotations of ‘advertise’, but still kept some transparency on what was going on. I dont mean to be negative, if everyone else is unanimous on it, lets just move forward on it. We’ll build such a kick ass service with this that we could call it HyperHairyDingleberry2HyperDrive, and it would still be awesome, but I still wanted to share my 2 cents and see if that opened up any further discussions…..Tanner”


“I vote for HyperHairyDingleberry2HyperDrive….Randy”

“See, here we go……I’d like to replace Dingleberry with Dinglehopper….Gordy”

Anyway, WHAT DO YOU THINK?  We’d like to know your vote.  What should we call it?  AdCast? CardCast?  HyperHairyDingleberry2HyperDrive?


1 Response to “Vote for HyperHairyDingleberry2HyperDrive”

  1. 1 pattersonconsulting September 10, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    I think it should be kept simple and literal. Therefore my vote is for “Advertise.” I don’t see any negative connotations with the term and everyone knows what it means…no education necessary. All you need to say is, “Click Here to advertise your card on the top web sites in the area.” I think everything else is just too cute.

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