Weekly Round-Up for BusinessCard2

This week Lief Larson spoke to the Minnesota State Bar Association; the presentation topic was Lawyer 2.0.  For any lawyers out there interested in websites where they want to grow their online presence, just send a message to Lief through his BusinessCard2.  Part of the discussion was on whether people who follow you on Twitter actually read your tweets?  The advice was that only a small percentage do, but that is mostly because merely following someone by name or company doesn’t always mean that their posts are relevant to all the followers.  Interestingly, Kevin Rose who founded Digg, has been working on a side project called WeFollow.  Digg acquired Kevin’s service this week.  WeFollow has interesting implications because it helps people interested in specific and relevant content to follow thought leaders based purely on relevancy of subject matter (something desperately needed).

Behind the scenes at BusinessCard2, we’re working on some new features… several of which will be pushed live over the weekend.  First, we are nearly completed with testing of “Inbox”, which is basically an internal messaging system.  We still forward all messages to your email address of record, but now we’re also providing tools for management of those messages in the web app.  Second, we will be releasing “Contacts”, which has been long awaited.  With “Contacts” you can now store other people’s business cards (it’s like a Rolodex).  Third, we’re wrapping up some work on “Slideshow”, which basically helps you to compile and presents photos in a slideshow format in your BusinessCard2.  Lastly, we are very near to powering video playback in the card (thanks to Danny Patterson and the YouTube Chromeless team for months worth of work on this.)

If you really want to geek out, please stop by and say “hello” to us at DeFrag ’09 in Denver on November 11-12.  BusinessCard2 is a sponsor for the event and it promises to be a great conference.  Thanks to Erik and Kim of DeFrag for your tremendous efforts in putting this one-of-a-kind event together.


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