Workface buys

First covered by TechCrunch this morning, it’s official that Workface Inc. has acquired is now part of BusinessCard2.  Over the months to come, we plan to integrate into BusinessCard2.  The result will be the largest network of web-enabled business cards on the planet.  Before any changes occur, we wanted to alert you to the integration plan.

90-day plan for current users:

  1. profiles will resolve to their current domains.  For example, your Cardl.y address will remain during this transition.
  2. By October 1, 2010 all users will be automatically supplied with a BusinessCard2. In most cases, your URL name will be found at
  3. Your login credentials and password will remain the same during the transition.
  4. Your BusinessCard2 user name will be your email address. For security purposes you will need to create a new password.
  5. The integration of to BusinessCard2 will conclude November, 2010.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: Why are and BusinessCard2 joining forces?
A: Both services have a vision for a business card for the internet.  Bringing and BusinessCard2 will make for a stronger offering.

Q: Will my information be safe and secure?
A: Yes. We are committed to protecting your information.

Q: How do you plan to communicate changes to my account?
A: Before changes are made, we will notify you by email.

What you can expect:
During this transition period, your account will be unaffected.  As of November 2010 your account will become a BusinessCard2.  Not all design elements of will be immediately available in BusinessCard2, but we are soliciting your ideas and suggestion for popular features you’d like to also see available in BusinessCard2.

BusinessCard2 advantages:

  • Improved search engine optimization and directory services
  • Ability to share your business card on select websites and social media
  • Upload and store more than 60 file types
  • Fully YouTube-enabled
  • Available in both HTML and Flash
  • Works on iPhone and iPad browsers
  • And much, much more!

We value your ideas and feedback.  Please submit questions and ideas to us at

Thank you,
The BusinessCard2 Team


Workface buys

MINNEAPOLIS (September 1, 2010) –Workface Inc. completed its purchase of from Massachusetts based Harkness labs. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.  The acquisition will help Minneapolis-based Workface bring its technology to a larger user base. was launched in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Dan Blake, who also created the wildly popular video chat service, Tinychat. “ is a great service and it has tens of thousands of incredible users,” said Blake.  “With the success of Tinychat we haven’t put more work into, but I thought it was important to find a good home for the service because I’m fully behind the need for an Internet business card.”

In 2007 Workface released BusinessCard2®, a rich interactive business card for the Internet. The company has been operating BusinessCard2 as an ongoing concern ever since. “Even in this challenging economy, we have been blessed to find opportunity and growth with BusinessCard2,” said Larson.  “Our mission is to digitally interface business people with customers in a way that preserves the human condition and allows us to further that mission.”

At this time users will be unaffected, but Workface plans to integrate into BusinessCard2 in the months to come.  “We’re very excited to bring these two services and visionary users together into a single, larger offering,” said Larson. “The result will be the leading network of interactive, web-enabled business cards on the Internet today.”


About Workface Inc.
Workface Inc. was founded in 2006 with the vision of humanizing the Internet and powering localized and relevant 1:1 real-time engagement.  The company’s Workface® platform is customer engagement software that enables businesses to empower their sales and service force to digitally engage directly with customers on their corporate and third-party websites, search engines and mobile, in real-time.  More information:

About BusinessCard2
BusinessCard2 is a self-marketing tool designed to empower business people to create, promote, and broadcast their unique persona throughout the Internet.  It is an open business tool that features improved identity-level search engine optimization, the ability to share business cards on select websites and social media, uploading of more than forty different file types, and engagement through messaging and live chat.  More information:


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